Here at Cash Flow Commercial Deals LLC we specialize in uncovering distressed commercial real estate properties so investors benefit from cash flow and profits and dealing with interesting commercial real estate transactions on a daily basis. All of the “deals” that we work with are considered “pocket listings” by CRE Brokers, but most of us call these deals “off market”- because they are normally not shared with the general public or are ever listed on any websites, newspapers, or any other advertising medium. These real estate deals are always considered confidential and the information about them is carefully controlled and only shared with specific interested individuals or entities that have entered into specific contractual agreements with CFCD.

Buyers– If you are looking for a commercial property, please contact us to discuss your specific purchasing criteria-we specialize in matching up serious Buyers with great property deals. We currently are specializing in multi-family and hospitality assets. Sellers– if you are looking to sell your property, we have discrete Buyers available that are actively buying properties all over the United States, so contact us right away so we can discuss our working relationship. We also have experience in 1031 exchanges, lease options, and development deals. CFCD is not a brokerage and we are not commercial real estate Agents or Brokers- so we do not charge any sales commissions- however we do get paid as consultants by a negotiated Buyer Fee. We do work with Brokers and pocket deals every day and we welcome you to contact us as well. Let us help you to achieve you goals today!



The company was originated in July 2014 by Steven Hendren and Louise DiSclafani with offices located in both Laguna Niguel, CA., and Garfield NJ respectively. Steve had previously been an investor in residential real estate for about 9 years before eventually moving into the commercial real estate space in 2009. Louise had also started in residential real estate for several years and moved into the commercial arena in 2009. We bring a combined business knowledge base of 40+ years to the table, along with the analytical and people skills that come with a proven track record of accomplishments and problem-solving

Real Estate is still a good investment…the road to making money…as long as you know the road to follow.

At Cash Flow Commercial Deals LLC it is our goal to work diligently with each investor to acquire or divest of commercial properties in a proprietary and safe environment. We are committed to your success- which assures our mutual success in all business transactions that are pursued.