Better Deal

Is an “off market” commercial property somehow a better deal than a property that is advertised?

Not necessarily. Sometimes commercial properties are not unlike anything that is being sold, and very good deals can be had with “off market” properties. However, sometimes these properties can be very big, famous, or prestigious properties- and these factors sometimes tends to make the Sellers price the properties higher than what the current market value might be for that property in a specific area. But on the other hand, sometimes the prospective Buyer is also enticed to that type of property for the very same reason in that it is a prestigious property, and often will pay much more for it than what the comps might dictate- or for what it is really worth. Sometimes it just comes down to what is really important to the prospective Buyer and of course also the Seller of that property. Some Buyers in the “high end world” will occasionally buy from their heart or sometimes just the importance of that special status in their lives, rather than perhaps just good old common sense and/or good business practices. However, in our mutual experiences here at CFCD to date, most of the Buyers we have worked with are very professional and only will buy what makes very good and sound financial sense.

Anyway to sum it up, sometimes the “off market” world is an interesting place to work in!